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After publishing International BONSAI for 42 years and producing 164 issues, in order to advance classical bonsai art to a broader world-wide audience, I have decided to suspend the printed edition and expand my educational offerings with the introduction of International BONSAI OnLine which is a FREE digital bi-monthly magazine.

International BONSAI OnLine continues with the high standards of quality we have introduced to English language bonsai magazines, and continues to be the first and only professional bonsai magazine published in the United States.

With the introduction of the bi-monthly magazine in a digital edition, I feel we can reach more people and International BONSAI OnLine has the potential of having the largest circulation making it ideal for advertisers to offer their products and services; as well as to promote bonsai exhibitions, conventions and other gatherings.

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Published by William N. Valavanis

Professional bonsai artist and educator.

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