International BONSAI OnLine May – June 2021 Now Available!

Enjoy the newest issue of International BONSAI OnLine which provides interesting and educational articles on growing and training Wisteria bonsai, plus a new demonstration by Masahiko Kimura. David Bennett writes about how created a bonsai from the native Red maple. Finally Makiko Kobayashi shares some of her photos from the 2021 Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition. Don’tContinue reading “International BONSAI OnLine May – June 2021 Now Available!”

International BONSAI OnLine Now Available!

After publishing International BONSAI for 42 years and producing 164 issues, in order to advance classical bonsai art to a broader world-wide audience, I have decided to suspend the printed edition and expand my educational offerings with the introduction of International BONSAI OnLine which is a FREE digital bi-monthly magazine. International BONSAI OnLine continues with the high standards ofContinue reading “International BONSAI OnLine Now Available!”

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